The Interactive Body – Learn more about each organ and most common tissues used in transplantation with this interactive tool.

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Go Recycle Yourself – This is an organ, eye and tissue donation initiative designed to support high school teachers and engage young audiences. Its design, interactive games, downloadable goodies, social media channels, and real-life stories appeal to students, who can readily register as donors in their state while on the site. There is also an “Educators” section where teachers can access a suite of videos, lesson plans, reading exercises, and activities in order to plan a lesson, unit or student project on donation.

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Transplant Living – This website serves primarily as a resource for those going through the donation and transplantation process as a recipient or living donor. It contains information on what to expect before and after a transplant, as well as what you should know when making the decision to be a living donor. - Screen shot


Allograft Possibilities – Allograft Possibilities is AlloSource’s educational website, providing information about tissue donation and transplantation, promoting donation, raising awareness for tissue transplantation and honoring donor families. The site highlights tissue recipient stories as a way to teach and better explain the amazing healing potential of tissue transplants.

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